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The Order, Part One

Some of you may have realized by now that I run my own company. I've carved out a nice little existence making you people look more awesome. I mean, you're doing pretty well on your own, but we ALL need a little help. I'm just here to help.

I started off on Etsy, wishing and hoping to slowly make some sales. Then I started going craft shows, and scifi shows, and any show that would take my exhibitor fee. Now I vend 1-2 shows a year, getting to be bigger shows, and I have my own retail website. Oh and there is that thing with Think Geek.

Think Geek picked up my Tentacle shirt and dress in June and since then have been kicking my ass. But I maintained. I met all their orders with increasing speed and was feeling pretty good. Then, I got THE ORDER. The Holidays are quickly approaching, as well as Halloween and Black/Cyber Friday/Monday and the need for Tentacles is strong. When The Order came in, well, there was a fair amount of panicked, maniacal laughter that happened. Then a lot of phone calls to all my suppliers. Now the sheer volume is sinking in. Here is half the order, in it's virgin state.

(For reference, the Artist is 5'9")
Thanks for believing in me guys! Oh and if you're thinking of order something from me this Holiday season, please consider ordering direct from Think Geek here or here. You'll get your items faster and it will show them HOW MUCH YOU GUYS LOVE ME and then they'll give me more money. YEAH! Win, win, win.

Now, I sleep while I can.